Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Does Your Business Owe $50,000 or More In MCA Debt?

Do Any of These Describe You and Your Business?

  • You currently have MCAs with balances of at least $50,000+
  • You’ve been declined for additional funding across the board
  • The auto-debiting of the MCA payments is causing NSFs
  • Your behind on or modified your MCA payments
  • You’ve had a big decline in revenue 
  • You have legal action pending regarding an MCA
  • You have a frozen bank account
  • You have frozen POS 
  • You switched bank accounts to avoid paying an MCA
  • You’re looking for an MCA to help pay the current MCAs (Consolidation, Reverse Consolidation, anything to make payments till your next deposit)
If So… We Can Help!

We can help qualified business owners to:

  • Reduce payments by 50 – 70% per month. 
  • Convert payments from daily to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Clean up your businesses borrowing profile. 
  • Make your business fundable again.
Loan Size

$50K – $10MM

Term Length

12 – 48 months

Payment Frequency



Minimum FICO


Time In Business

1 year

Monthly Revenue



Business Checking