Revenue Share Financing

Revenue Share Financing

With Revenue Share Financing your business is given an up-front lump sum of cash with flexible monthly payments that adjust to the business’ revenue.
Monthly payments are an agreed percentage of the business’ gross revenue (usually 1.5% – 4%). So businesses have higher repayments in months when they are thriving, and lower repayments during slower months.
This means that the total time to pay back is not fixed, but rather it will vary with business performance.
This is a great option for businesses that have fluctuating revenue, lower credit scores, and need access to cash quickly.
NOTE: Borrower MUST have previously funded a RBF with Momentum Capital.


Loan Size

$100,000 – $10MM 

Term Length

Not fixed

Factor Rates

1.5% – 4%

Payment Frequency


Funds In

2 – 4 Weeks


Minimum FICO


Time In Business

1 year

Monthly Revenue



Business Checking