Start Up Financing

Start Up Financing

Need capital to jump start your million dollar idea or keep it moving forward?

Finding it difficult to get funding?

We are one of the few companies who help new businesses obtain capital.

Start Up Financing is a loan type specifically geared towards helping you finance your business that has very little, if any, history.

Start Up Financing comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from business credit cards, personal term loans and lines of credit. 

Momentum Capital looks at the Three Cs when determining your eligibility: Credit, Cash flow, and Collateral.

You’ll want to have a credit score between 650 – 800 with an ideal score of 700+. We’ll also look at tax returns, and projected annual revenue.

It’s important to understand that start ups with owners with poor credit scores will not qualify. 

As long as you have one of the Three Cs, you can qualify for Start Up Financing.

Loan Size

$5K – $350K

Term Length

0 – 7 years

Interest Rate

8% – 15%

Payment Frequency

Monthly (Interest Only)


Minimum FICO


Time In Business

None required

Monthly Revenue

None required


Business Checking