Invoice Factoring

What Is Invoice Factoring?

Turn your unpaid invoices into an instant source of cash with our invoice factoring solution. Invoice factoring helps you bridge the gap between the sale and delivery of your products and services.

For businesses at any stage, significant working capital is often held up in accounts receivable. Yet, you’re often expected to pay out expenses before collecting your invoice payments. 

Even with healthy sales to great customers – and a robust ledger of accounts receivable – employee payroll, lease payments, materials purchases and other ongoing costs won’t wait. The gap in working capital may be hampering your business success and put future revenue opportunities at risk.

Invoice factoring (also known as “accounts receivable factoring” or just “factoring”) is a safe and reliable way to access working capital. It converts outstanding B2B invoices into capital paid out to businesses that need help with immediate cash flow needs.

Invoice factoring is not a loan but rather an advance on payments that are already owed to your business. By working with an invoice factoring company, you’ll be able to get access to that cash flow much faster.

We provide unlimited working capital to businesses that can sell credit-worthy B2B invoices. Based on the size of your outstanding invoices, you can receive 80% or more of the value of your accounts receivable on a formula basis to grow and disburse as you require.

We assume, manage and collect the financed debts and provide transparent, accessible reporting to keep you up to date on the process.

Where a bank loan might be denied, an invoice factoring company could potentially advance you hundreds of thousands of dollars—in a very short time frame.

How Invoice Factoring Works

The invoice factoring process can be easily explained in five simple steps: 

  1. You sell products & services to your B2B customer. 
  2. You sell your invoices to our Invoice Factoring Partner.
  3. Our Partner sends you funds minus the reserve and fees. 
  4. Our Partner receives payment from your customer.
  5. Our Partner refunds reserves minus the final discount fees to you.